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For the best and most reliable Power, ICT & Telecom Solutions and Industrial Automation Solutions

Our Mission

To deliver power and communication solutions addressing the
current and future needs of the clients at the same time
enhancing the customer experience at the least cost possible.

Our Vision

To be the leading integrator of the most efficient clean power
and communication solutions in the East Africa region.

The Roadmap

Electricom is to achieve her mission and objectives by appreciating and internalizing the market requirements and developing innovative solutions addressing those specific needs in order to deliver highest value at the least cost.

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Clean Energy

Solar Panels do not destroy Environment

You can purchase solar products from us directly

Solar power systems have  gained popularity in the recent years due to the growing concern about the environment and the need for reliable and sustainable energy sources. One of the areas where solar power systems can make a significant impact is in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Industrial automation relies on various components and parts to automate processes and enhance efficiency in manufacturing and other industries. Here are some essential components commonly used in industrial automation systems commonly supplied by Electricom Solutions Ltd:

In today’s world, telecommunication plays a critical role in our day-to-day activities, and the telecom network system remains to be the backbone of this industry. The telecom network system is a complex structure, consisting of various elements that interact with each other to ensure that communication happens seamlessly.

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