About Us

Get to Learn About Electricom Solutions Ltd

ElectriCom Solutions Ltd has been operational since 2006 as a business name and incorporated as a limited company in December  2014. ElectriCom Solutions Ltd. aims at actualizing its vast  technical knowledge in Electrical Power Supplies and ICT fields to meet the ever changing needs of the customers.

Our Vision

To be the leading integrator of the most efficient power and communication solutions in the East Africa region.

Our Mission

To deliver power and communication solutions that are addressing the current and future needs of the clients and same time enhancing customer experience.

Our Roadmap

The mission is to be achieved by appreciating and internalizing the market intelligence and developing innovative solutions addressing those specific needs articulated in the intelligence to bridge the market gap.

Company Pillars

  • Customer Centrism
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism