AC LED Lights

AC LED lights are a type of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) that can operate using AC power instead of direct current (DC) power. This is a big deal because most homes and businesses have AC power coming from the main electrical grid.

AC LED technology is evolving rapidly as a new alternative to many LED lighting applications. AC LEDs can deliver savings and benefits in the design of lamps and fixtures for both

low and line voltage applications.

There are three types of AC LED lights available on the market:

Low-voltage AC LEDs

These light units use low-voltage which operate between 12V to 24V. 

Areas of Application: Outdoor garden Lighting, Pathway lighting, Fence lighting, Driveway, Street lighting and Parking areas.

High-voltage direct AC LEDs

High-voltage AC LEDs are designed to operate between 15V to 55V and can work in combined settings to reach the desired voltage, with a maximum combined value of  277V.

The applications of these fixtures range from small cover lighting and retail lighting to various light fixtures for alleys, gardens, Roadways or parking areas.

High-voltage rectified AC LEDs

High-voltage rectified AC units are specially designed to stop the current from running too high during peak usage, thus reducing damage to the LEDs.

Lighting applications requiring high-voltage units can be run in series, reaching a top voltage of

Benefits of using AC LED Lights

  • Cost-effective: AC LED lights are often less expensive and easier to install because they require less expensive components.
  • Efficiency: AC LED lights can be more efficient than DC LEDs in some situations because the AC power can be converted directly to the correct voltage for the LEDs. This means there’s less energy wasted as heat.
  • Compatibility: Because most homes and businesses use AC power, AC LED lights are easier to integrate into existing systems without additional conversion equipment.


Overall, AC LED lights are a promising technology that could offer a number of advantages over traditional DC LEDs for some applications.

At Electricom Solutions Ltd, we have stocked a wide range AC LED Lights from PIN and screw bulbs (3W-11W), 9W 2ft tube, 18W 4ft tube, Strip lights of different shapes, 30W-200W AC spotlights, 100W-500W Ac floodlights, and 30W-80W AC street lights.

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