Access Control Solutions

Biometrics Access Control Systems

Access control solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of people, assets, and information. Such solutions are used to manage who can access a particular area, device, or system at a given time.

At Electricom Solutions Ltd, we offer three types of Access Control Solutions based on our clients’ unique requirements, budget, and scalability.

Biometric access control systems use unique characteristics of a person, such as their voice, finger prints or eye pattern to identify the person trying to gain access.

Each of these biometrics are unique to one individual reducing the risk of an unauthorized persons gaining access.


Card Access Control

Card Access Control solutions are ideal for buildings and businesses of all sizes. These solutions offer an effective way to restrict access to employees, customers, and visitors, allowing you to monitor movements and track people as they move around your business premises. Our card reader systems are provided with either magnetic stripe, smart card or contactless RFID technology.

Keypad Access Control

Keypads access control systems are devices that allow users enter a PIN code to access a building,  business premise or a room.

Keypad Access Control system can be used as a standalone, single-door access control system, or you can integrate it with other systems. 


Access control solutions are critical to ensuring the safety, security, and success of modern organizations. By choosing the right solution and implementing it effectively, you can protect your assets and data, improve your operations, and achieve your business goals.

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