Access Control

The role of access control is giving the right of way to a building only to people with authority to enter a specific part of the building.

Since the days of ancient merchants, the lock and matching key has been the sought-after solution to access control.

The urge to monitor who goes through the doors has given rise to computer-based electronic access control systems.

Here’s how we deny unauthorized access to your property.

The Importance of Access Control

In addition to CCTVs, you need to involve other cloud-based access control systems as part of your security apparatus to protect your business.

Easy Access for Employees

When you install access control software, it ensures you keep away unwanted people from entering your building.

Electricom Solutions Ltd offers systems that ensure you get to regulate how visitors come and leave. It also helps you to secure the server.

Compliance With Industry Regulations

Physical access to data is restricted by the guidelines and certifications to be met. Having credible certification increases your credibility, shields you against hackers, and increases your revenue.

You need access control software in commerce, banking, and IT Departments where you need to keep access to servers and digital data secure.

IP and Data Protection

Suppose your business deals with the intellectual property like law firms or software development. In that case, you’ll have to invest in modern access control to monitor who comes to your building and who is allowed to access which part of the building.

Increase Revenue

Access control systems ensure your business runs round the clock with your workers enjoying a safe working environment.

You don’t need more security guards when you have access control. Also, costs are reduced than you would otherwise be used to purchase keys and padlocks for every door.

What to Consider When Choosing an Access Control System

Before settling on one type of access control, you need to consider the following factors.


The access control system needs to integrate with surveillance and other security systems, and it also has to be easy to use.

Compatibility with your building can make installation easy while saving you money used in the process.


We have a team that will advise you on the features that match your access control requirements and save you time and money.

It’s good to settle on a system based on cloud technology that provides numerous unlocking options outside the use of keycards which can be lost or damaged by visitors or employees.

Types of Access Control

There are three types of access control systems in our solution portfolio:

Keypad Access Systems

We have stocked digital keypads that are good for internal and external use. They require the person seeking entry to enter a numeric code.

Keypads vary in size, usability, and application suitability, allowing you to go for what you want.

Card Access

We have each access card encoded. Access control cards are mainly found in the size of a typical credit card and a proper wallet fit.

Biometric Access Control

Biometrics is a move away from cards and keypad codes. Biometrics will aid you in structuring an advanced level of security options. It involves the recognition of fingerprints, irises, or even faces.

We provide essential standalone solutions for small offices, schools, retail units, and networked systems for multi-door/site installation in hospitals, industries, and universities.

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