Automatic Voltage Stabiliser

If you work in industries with electrical equipment, you’ll need to study the automatic voltage stabilizers market to provide continuous voltage and maintain reliable power to meet your demands.

The stabilizers ensure you shield your laboratory equipment, industrial machines and medical apparatus from detrimental low and high voltage fluctuations.

Here are the different voltage regulators we offer in the market.

How Do You Choose the Best Sized Voltage Stabilizer?

Before settling on the automatic voltage stabilizers you intend to use, you must consider the following factors.

  • The wattage of energy required to operate your equipment
  • The extent of voltage fluctuations around the installation area
  • Type and working scope of the voltage stabilizer

Then after you get the right-sized automatic voltage stabilizer. You’ll need to ensure the following;

  • Confirm the power rating of the equipment you intend to use with your voltage stabilizer from the nameplate or the user manual
  • You can add a safety margin to the stabilizer rating, enabling your stabilizer output to accommodate more devices.
  • Automatic voltage stabilizers measure in kVA, which will allow you to calculate the wattage by multiplying the voltage of your equipment by the maximum rated current.

What’s the Difference Between Servo and Static Voltage Stabilizers?

Servo automatic voltage stabilizers control the fluctuating voltages by rotating the servo motor clockwise and anticlockwise, assisted by a buck-boost and a variable transformer.

Static automatic voltage stabilizers lack movable parts and will control the voltage of your equipment with the aid of microprocessors and buck-boost transformers.

What Sizes of Voltage Stabilizers Do We Offer?

Electricom Solutions Limited offers automatic voltage stabilizers from the brand GUVEN-IS from Turkey and come in the following sizes.

Single Phase Static and Servo

The power factor of these automatic voltage stabilizers come in 1kVA,2kVA,2.5kVA,5kVA,7.5kVA,10kVA,15kVA,20kVA,25kVA,30kVA,40kVA and 50kVA.

Three Phase Static and Servo

These automatic voltage stabilizers fall into two categories.

Small and Medium Range

This series of voltage stabilizers have the power factor of 3kVA,4kVA,6kVA,10.5kVA,15kVA,22.5kVA,30kVA,60kVA,75kVA,100kVA,120kVA and 150kVA.

Industrial Range

Our big industrial range offers power factors ranging from 200kVA,250kVA,300kVA,400kVA,500kVA,600kVA,800kVA,1000kVA,1000kVA,1250kVA,1600kVA,2000kVA and 2500kVA.

We provide the option to lease our automatic voltage stabilizers long-term if you don’t intend to buy one. You’ll also get to enjoy a warranty of 2 years for single-phase voltage stabilizers and a year for the three-phase.

What are the Key Features of our Voltage Stabilizers?

To cope with your industrial needs, we ensure to stock our shop with automatic voltage stabilizers that guarantee the key features below.

  • AC voltage balance with accuracy
  • Optional historical records of power events for the industrial range
  • Record the number of protection trips and the reason for each parameter separately
  • Input Voltage Range of 332 Vac-498 Vac 3Ph/180Vac-280Vac 1Ph
  • Stable Selectable Output Voltage of 415Vac /400 Vac 3Ph(240Vac/230Vac 1Ph)
  • Optional Smart Meter to display supporting Modbus RTU, TCP, SNMP and BACNet IP communication protocols for an industrial range of AVR
  • Undisturbed pure sinus voltage regulation
  • Long and short term overload protection

The above list is not exhaustive of our voltage stabilizers’ critical features.

In case there’s reasonable foresight that your industry might experience unstable power conditions, then you can inquire from us how you can get the bestuninterruptible power supplies.

Now that you know which automatic voltage stabilizer suits you, why not contact us today?

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