Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed-circuit television or CCTV is a television system in which signals are not publicly distributed like in standard television but are monitored afterwards for security purposes.

The main advantage of closed-circuit television is its ability to allow a wide elasticity in the deployment of security personnel. One CCTV observer remotely monitors multiple areas from a single location.

Here’s how CCTV systems complement our products.

How Does CCTV Work?

CCTV systems are vital in high crime areas with a vulnerability that bad people could exploit.

Our closed-circuit television engineers have mastered the latest technology. They will help you source CCTV products from Matrix Security Solutions that best meet the specific needs of your closed-circuit television.

For closed-circuit television to effectively serve you, you’ll have to strategically place CCTV cameras and the observation station.

The closed-circuit television camera accepts a sequence of images transmitted by cable or wirelessly to the recording device and then straight to the CCTV monitor. It allows security personnel to watch the image sequence as CCTV video footage in a display unit.

Your closed-circuit television display unit ranges from a monochrome screen to an HD color monitor. You can see your CCTV footage from your smartphone or PC if you have IP cameras.

It’s your choice to have a cable or a wireless CCTV system. We offer advanced CCTV cameras that can zoom in and out images and rotate at 360 degrees.

What are Your CCTV Video Recording Options?

The leading role of closed-circuit television is to record occurrences in your business. It ensures that you can go back and view events of interest.

You have the following CCTV video recording options:

DVRs: These digital CCTV recorders replaced analog videotapes. DVRs convert analog camera footage into digital footage at the intended frames per second and resolution. New CCTV images record when the hard disk is used after deleting the old footage.

NVRs: These are network CCTV video recorders that operate like DVRs and are compatible with IP cameras. It allows viewing footage through a browser or mobile App.

Always pick a surveillance-grade hard disk for its ability to run CCTV 24/7 operations.

Different Types of CCTV Camera Options

24-hour closed-circuit television coverage comes in the following ways:

Wired Security Cameras

These CCTV systems use cables to transmit footage and conduct video surveillance, but the visual can weaken when the transmission exceeds 300meters.

With appropriate closed-circuit television switches and cables, you can connect multiple CCTV cameras to a single monitor in the main security room.

Analog CCTV Cameras

Closed-circuit television cameras are still the mainly used CCTV installed in many businesses. The analog CCTV cameras have basic functionality and store videos on site.

You can watch your close circuit television footage on a standard television without needing a DVR but compatible with DVRs.

Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras

CCTV cameras function similarly to analog cameras and have diverse capabilities.

The closed-circuit television provides repositionable high-resolution solution images. You can use a remote to zoom in and watch your CCTV videos on a web browser. Though an expensive CCTV option, IP closed-circuit television can notify you of urgent issues and enable you to watch videos through your smartphone.

Apart from closed-circuit television, we offer different access control solutions for your CCTV security room’s safety.

Visit us today for your closed-circuit television solutions (CCTV).

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