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Converged Power Solution (CPS)

To achieve safe operations of your industry’s vital IT systems, you will need a backup power solution for your data center solutions.

The mini CPS plays a considerable role in the data center architecture by scaling power to ensure you meet your present power needs while also providing enough room for future expansion.

Also, with DC equipment manufacturing on the rise, the CPS system allows the transition from AC-DC, thereby enhancing efficiency.

You can purchase our data center solutions in DC power because we understand your need to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX in your daily commercial undertakings.

Unprecedented Power Availability

Profits made by different industries improves by the efficiency, reliability and firmness of our modular power solutions.

Electricom Solutions Ltd stocks data center solutions that meet all AC and DC needs in IT, telecom, banking and cloud industries.

Bringing New Digital Services to the Edge

We settled on data center solutions products from Eltek because they are determined to deliver remote power solutions and large centralized power systems close to subscribers.

The data center architecture has high-efficiency power solutions at its core, accompanied by the complete flexibility of servers with regards to a voltage supply and power capacity.

They also promise to soon bring computing and storage for new digital image services worldwide, which is good news.


Data centers are physical facilities used by businesses to store vital applications and data.

Our data center solutions include routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers and application delivery controllers.

Here’s what we offer.

Modular Data Centers for the Future

Electricom Solutions Ltd imports its data center solutions from the Eltek company.

Our prefabricated modular data center guarantees the shortest time possible to build your data center architecture. The MDC can reduce building time from years to months.

When you come to us for your data center solutions, we’ll offer the configuration of your preference ranging from a single 20 ft enclosure to a double “clamshell mounted.”

The different configurations of our data center architecture cover IT racks, cooling, protection, power and numerous infrastructural components.

We also guarantee data center solutions with AC and DC power in case of alteration in your power, and IT needs.


We have stocked containerized data center solutions. You can also find an end-of-row power system that feeds a mix of AC and DC equipment.

Each module is a complete stand-alone data center, although you can stick numerous modules together to build a more prominent data center architecture.

Key Features of Data Centers

Our data center solutions from Eltek have a combined VAC and 48VDC UPS with up to 100kW total capacity.

The VDC UPS area comes with a two cabinet solution for power backup batteries and distribution. The data center solutions also come with optional rectifier systems connected to diesel Genset.


It’s a guarantee that when you get a modular data center from Electricom Solutions Ltd, you’ll get a complete IT-ready solution that will serve you in the future. Get yours today and catch up with the world of data center solutions.

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