End-of-row power system in datacenters, feeding a mix of AC and DC equipment

Containerized, modular datacenter solutions

Modular power solutions provide unprecedented power availability

Our power solutions are flexible, compact and reliable, meeting all AC and DC power requirements within IT, telecom, cloud and banking.

Always on the edge

With modular high efficiency power solutions at the core of the design, full flexibility is provided for servers in terms of supply voltage and power capacity. As well as delivering remote power solutions next to subscribers and large centralized power systems, we are now working closely to bring computing and storage for new digital image services to The Edge across the world.


ELTEK Modular Data Centers for the future.

Get going with Eltek’s prefabricated Modular Data Centers, complete data center in one stand-alone module – or put several modules together to form a larger data center.

  • Design based on standard building blocks provides technical flexibility, while lead times are kept to a minimum.
  • Various configurations from a single 20 foot enclosure to double “clam shell mounted” can be provided – all with various options when it comes to IT racks, cooling, protection, power and other infrastructure elements
  • Future proofing power – AC & DC power for when your IT and power requirements change

Mini CPS

A fully scalable power infrastructure can be achieved with Mini CPS solutions. These are downscaled, but complete, CPS solutions, dimensioned to support a single row of server cabinets.

They provide all the advantages of a full scale system. In addition, they provide great flexibility, as the power infrastructure can be expanded as you grow, and the power systems can be adapted to the requirements in each row of cabinets.

Key features

  • Combined VAC and 48Vdc UPS with up to 100kW total capacity
  • Two cabinet solution including batteries and distribution
  • Optional rectifier system connected to diesel genset
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