Electric Vehicle Chargers Powered by Solar Energy.

Electric car chargers - solar

Have you considered using solar energy to charge your Electric vehicle?

Not only is this a more efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for charging electric vehicles, but also cost-effective in the long run. 

The use of solar energy also minimizes our reliance on non-renewable sources of energy, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment to create a cleaner, greener future.

As electric cars become more widespread and demand for charging stations increases, the use of solar energy can help reduce the strain on the electrical grid, making it a more efficient and reliable solution.

For you to fully rely on Solar Energy to charge your Electric car, you will be required to put up  a domestic Solar photovoltaic system (Solar PV), along with the solar charger for the car battery. The average domestic Solar PV System can generate 1 to 4 kilowatts of power (kWp) which is sufficient to fully charge an electric car with a battery capacity of 40 kWh in eight hours.

If you are looking forward to installing a Solar PV System specifically for charging your car, it’s good to seek professional advice on the right Solar PV system size to invest in.

And that’s where our Technical team comes in to assist you in choosing the right Solar PV System that meets your needs and requirements effectively.

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