High Voltage Switchgears

Empower Your Industry with High Voltage Switchgear Solutions

When dealing with power systems handling voltage above 36kV, you enter the arena of high voltage switchgear.

Our top-tier switchgear, imported from Delta Systems Italy, is meticulously crafted to manage the arcing during switching operations.

If you’re looking to invest in high voltage switchgear for your industry, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an array of high voltage switchgear designs tailored to meet various circuit conditions.

Medium Voltage Secondary Distribution

Electricom Solutions Ltd provides a versatile range of modular secondary switchgear solutions. These are ideal for utility networks, industrial applications, renewable energy plants, telecom networks, commercial projects, and infrastructure projects.

We stock both indoor and outdoor air and SF6 insulated load break switches, modular switchgear air-insulated /SF6, and complete SF6 insulated ring central units with power up to 24kV.

Depending on your industry application, we offer modular and compact equipment that can be motorized or manually operated.

Medium Voltage Primary Distribution

For high voltage switchgear capable of withstanding severe service conditions, consider our metal-clad medium voltage options.

These come with power ratings of 12kV, 26kV, and 36kV, supporting up to 2500A and 31.5KA. Our high voltage switchgear in this category is equipped with vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers.

Low Voltage

Our range extends to high voltage switchgear that includes low voltage switchgear up to 1000KV. These are available in configurations for power centers and motor control centers with ratings up to 5000A and 100kA, respectively.

Our modular, IEC certified high voltage switchgear is available in modular, self-standing units with fixed or removable drawers up to form 4.

Power and Distribution Transformers

For businesses requiring high voltage switchgear in sectors like mining, marine, railways, and photovoltaic, we offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Our outdoor oil-immersed and dry-type transformers can manage applications up to 70 MVA, ensuring efficient power distribution.

Compact Substations

Our compact substations, made from metal and concrete, can operate with or without transformers.

Available in standard modular versions or customizable to your specifications, these substations can also provide medium and low voltage in explosion-proof versions for mining and offshore projects.

Heavy Duty and High Voltage Switches

With the increasing demand for railway transport, our high voltage switchgear is perfect for railway applications.

Transformers in this category can be mounted horizontally or vertically and can be manual or motorized to suit your needs. The high voltage switchgear here ranges from 3kV to 245kV and from 100A up to 5000A.

Medium Voltage Service and Revamping

Facing issues with your high voltage switchgear? Electricom Solutions Ltd offers comprehensive technical assistance and spare parts whenever you need them.

We also provide solar inverters and LED lighting, promising to reduce your power consumption by 50%.

Additionally, our high voltage switchgear solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency and reliability across diverse industrial applications.

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Upgrade your industry’s power systems with our high voltage switchgear solutions.

Visit Electricom Solutions Ltd today and see how our services will empower your business with reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge technology. Head here to check out our solar solutions.

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