Electricom Solutions Ltd offers ICT solutions that cover your computing and telecommunications needs in your business.

Our services aid in the smooth running of call centers, video surveillance, cabling infrastructure, and access systems. Your ICT solutions company can use the solutions we provide in the research industry, learning, and administration, among other things.

Let’s take a look at the information and communications technology solutions.

Cloud Computing and VPS Hosting

Cloud computing and VPS hosting solutions in KenyaVPS is the short form for virtual private servers and has one physical server divided into smaller virtual servers, each working independently as its dedicated server environment.

Cloud hosting is the most effective, with websites hosting on virtual partitions that benefit from numerous physical networks. We have stocked ICT solutions and will help you settle on the hosting method preference.


PBX Systems in KenyaOur ICT solutions include your business phone station needs. PBX is a business phone system that links all office desk phones operating on the same network. It also aids in making free calls internally.

On the other hand, IP PABX is an advanced ICT solutions form of PBX because they use digital networking protocols for internal links.

PABX can be combined with the new ICT solutions in the following methods:

  • Unified Communications
  • Hybrid Communications
  • Multi-location Communications
  • Fixed Media Gateways
  • Universal Media Gateways.

Fiber Optics Solutions

Fiber optic solutions in KenyaWe’ll provide ICT solutions that solve or develop the workings of your fiber optics to ensure the effectiveness of your applications.

Electricom Solutions Ltd offers the following services in fiber optics:

  • Fiber repair and troubleshooting
  • Splice diagrams
  • Room and rack drawings
  • The network builds and capacity augments
  • Fiber To The Homes (FTTH) connections
  • Different cables and panels installations
  • Installation of all types of optical fiber
  • Fiber splicing
  • Stripping and termination of optical fiber

Closed Circuit Television-CCTV

CCTV provider in KenyaDo you need 24/7 security surveillance? Closed Circuit Television is an example of ICT solutions if you’re interested in security video surveillance.

We’ll ensure our CCTV designs and systems suit your specific security needs. We focus on an in-depth understanding of modern technologies to better the security arrangements of your property.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling company in KenyaOur ICT solutions company stretches to structured cabling, a data transmission system that includes multiple voices, video, and fiber optic cabling that heavily relies on standard cabling infrastructure components.

If interested in getting structured cabling ICT solutions. Our project management calls for pre-installation inspection, installation, and commissioning of the concluded project.

The structured cabling covers ICT solutions for all infrastructure types, including CAT5e, CAT6e, fiber optic, and wireless networks.

We also provide networking solutions and services, including building and optimizing LANs and WANs. This technique ensures your whole network system effectively enhances agility and flexibility for the future.

The engineers we send to your site ensure the structured cabling is organized to make it simple to navigate during maintenance. This organization helps lower downtime that would otherwise arise from human errors and poorly organized cabling.

Access Control

Access control systems in KenyaAre you looking for access control ICT solutions? Then we’ll provide access control, a vital part of data security that determines which members within your industry are cleared for accessing company information and resources.

The main reason for having a well-defined access control is to limit physical access to buildings, data centers, rooms, and campuses.

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