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According to Microsoft Azure, cloud computing delivers services including servers, databases, networking,softwares, analytics, and intelligence over the internet, “the cloud” to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

Cloud computing is a technique that ensures you pay for only efficient services you ask from the internet while reducing operating costs in everyday usage.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

You can evaluate the benefits of in the following points:


The first benefit of cloud computing is that multiple companies can access the internet without buying or maintaining their computing infrastructure.

The cost would otherwise be high in the scenario that calls for you to purchase hardware and software and set up data centers for each company. Be sure to incur unnecessary losses if you go down this route.


Cloud computing solutions provide high-level performance by a worldwide network of data centers whose manufacturers frequently upgrade to offer secure computing hardware. It also helps to reduce network delays while executing your work.


Using cloud computing means flexibility and faster conclusion of projects. It reduces the need for more IT working staff and unnecessary capital and operational expenditure because consumers can only subscribe to what they want.


Electricom Solutions Ltd ensures you get computing solutions with reliable security that helps protect your data, apps, and computing infrastructure from various threats.

The rise of cloud security tools ensures the effectiveness of monitoring data moving around the cloud platform.


Flexibility allows businesses to augment when computing needs increase and when those needs decrease.

Cloud Computing Services Available?

At Electricom Solutions Ltd, we offer a wide range of cloud computing services that facilitates storage, networking, and processing power.

You’ll also have it easy with natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and standard office applications.

Cloud Computing Examples

Cloud computing has improved over the years to respond to frequently changing needs. Here are common cloud computing examples that your company needs daily:

Zoom: Zoom is one of the best online meeting software that records company or small-sized meetings and saves them in the clouds. It enables you to access the recording of those meetings at any place with an internet connection.

Email: This application also uses the clouds to provide data remotely, enabling you to access your data anywhere. The same applies to Calendar, WhatsApp, and Skype.

Google Docs: Cloud computing enables you to access your assignments and spreadsheets anytime.

Of course, many other cloud computing examples are not here, but the above are the most common.

How Cloud Computing Relates to Other Web Hosting

To understand how cloud computing works, you’ll have to take a look at the following characteristics:

Your users have access to a wide range of computing abilities whenever you need them. There are charges businesses or individuals incur for each service they get.

A service provider fully manages the cloud service you use. With a lot of interest directed towards cloud computing, all you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you are good to go.

The elastic nature of cloud computing allows you to maximize or minimize data according to your demand at a given time.

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