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VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that uses virtualization technology to provide dedicated (private)resources on a server with multiple users.

You’ll need VPS hosting services if your business needs middle-sized traffic exceeding the limit of shared hosting plans but still don’t need the capital of a dedicated server.

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What Are the Benefits of VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting lets you have your virtual machine that functions like dedicated servers and can handle mid-level traffic and heavy traffic.

Let’s see the benefits:

Dedicated Resources

VPS hosting servers ensure you have enough RAM space, unlike shared web hosting, where RAM can be affected by others using it with you.


Another benefit of VPS hosting is it allows you to purchase only what your business needs, and if need be later, it also allows you to scale up.


There’s no need to share the Operating System with the customization as it provides better security for your website. Namecheap gives this good example: “if you have your instances of server application from PHP to MySQL, Apache, you can customize them so that the server fits your needs.”

What is the Role of VPS Hosting?

The good thing about VPS hosting is that it exceeds its functional limit as a static server. Here’s how:

  • It’s responsible for web application firewalling to monitor traffic between a web application and the internet.
  • You can livestreaming events.
  • Provides scalability for the cloud infrastructure that fits small to medium-sized businesses for collaborative document editing, private video teleconference hosting, and project management.

When Do You Need to Get VPS Hosting?

We recommend that you switch to VPS, where you find yourself in the following situations:

If You Need an Affordable Option

If you’re working on a tight budget, you need to invest in additional RAM to get the best out of VPS hosting. This option is a bit affordable compared to the costly dedicated hosting solutions.

You Have Imminent Security Threats

VPS hosting has reliable security features, improves monitoring abilities, and opens room for more storage.

Your Website Runs Slow

As you add more content to your website, there’s a likelihood that it will slow down your operation. You also have the opportunity to scale up to VPS hosting to suit your immediate needs. A VPS package also protects your server from crashing due to heavy traffic.

You Help Clients Build Websites

We’ll help you if you require a domain to host your website. VPS hosting can host a wide range, provided you have enough RAM to accommodate each site to work properly.

You Run an E-Commerce Website

Does your online business accept credit cards as a mode of payment? In this case, VPS hosting carries the day because of its tight security, which beats the shared hosting package.

Types of VPS Hosting

There are two types of VPS hosting, as briefly explained below:

Unmanaged VPS Service

You need to opt for this self-serviced VPS hosting service if you are knowledgeable in troubleshooting, server administration, managing software, and all relevant applications.

Managed Virtual Private Server Service

Managed VPS hosting is for those who don’t want to go through the hassles of administration skills required because the hosting company does everything for you while you focus on your business.

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