Industrial Automation Solutions

The demand for production in manufacturing has brought about machines and other industrial equipment. These industrial automation solutions are digitally programmed to intervene in slow human production.

Keep reading this article to help you understand how industrial automation solutions quicken decision-making and manual command routine in your daily business endeavors.

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Where Do We Import Our Industrial Automation Equipment?

DELTA exports these products to Electricom Solutions Ltd to satisfy the industrial automation market, boasting over 20 years of solid industry experience and supplying green manufacturing solutions.

The following are the industrial automation solutions we deliver to you straight from DELTA:

  • Industrial control and communication
  • Power quality improvement
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Sensors and drives
  • Motion control systems
  • Meters and robot solutions

In the same way, we provide monitoring and management systems like SCADA and industrial EMS for complete manufacturing solutions.

Types of Industrial Automation Solutions

To classify these industrial automation systems, you have to consider the integration level and flexibility in the industrial activities.

Here are the different types of industrial automation applications:

Fixed Automation

If you have significant production volumes, fixed industrial automation solutions are ideal for business. These machines can undertake their fixed operations over a long period depending on how you set them to function.

We back our products in this category to work well in discreet paint shops, distillation, and transfer lines.

Programmable Automation

These industrial automation solutions are less expensive compared to the other products due to their ability to remain unchanged for a long time after being programmed.

We recommend programmable automation for low to medium production. Automation can also handle heavy output applicable in paper and steel rolling mills.

This type of automation edges the rest for its changeable functionality sequence and machine configuration controlled electronically.

Flexible Automation

Flexible industrial automation solutions are ideal if you’re looking to process your batches in low and medium production.

They are computer-controlled with the help of human developers whose job is to enter computer codes and other commands. This process identifies products and their location in the system to trigger automatic lower-level changes.

Industrial automation solutions in this category are such that all machines acquire instructions from the human-controlled computer.

Integrated Automation

Our integrated industrial automation solutions ensure the total automation of the factory with the help of computers.

You’ll get the following technological advantages when you embrace integrated automation:

  • Flexible machine system
  • Automated conveyors and cranes
  • Automatic storage and retrieval systems
  • Computer enabled process planning
  • Automated robots
  • Computerized numerical control machine tools

Overall, our products from DELTA include the following features:

  • Inverters/ AC motor drives and high-frequency motor drives
  • Servo systems AC servo motors and drives, CNC solutions, PC based motion control solution, and PLC-based motion controllers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Touch panel human-machine interface
  • Text Panel Human-machine interface
  • Industrial field bus solution
  • Industrial ethernet solution and industrial PC
  • Field devices include temperature controllers, machine vision systems, barcode scanners, vision sensors, industrial power supplies(IPS), power meters, pressure sensors, and gas flow meters.

Using industrial automation systems can be expensive in terms of electricity bills. Visit our shop now to ensure you manage and lower the cost of power bills by checking out our energy audit, optimization, and associated benefits.

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