LED Lighting

LED lighting has become vital with the world moving towards an energy-efficient energy technology.

This durable lighting option gives better and cheaper lighting than the known traditional lights.

This technology saves energy and is used for various reasons, such as accent lighting, lamps, track lighting, and floodlights.

Let’s learn more.

How is LED Lighting Different from Incandescent and CFLs?

According to energygov, the difference between LED lighting and other forms of lighting bulbs comes out in the following forms.

Heat Emission

LED lighting emits less heat, making this technology safer because incandescent and CFL bulbs release 90% and 80% of energy as heat, respectively.


Our LED lights lasts 3-5 times the lifetime of the legacy lighting systems, thereby reducing their cost drastically. They can also mitigate units of power consumed in lighting by more than 50%.

Directional Lighting

LED lighting technology is designed to release light in a specific directioneliminating the need to purchase reflectors and diffusers that trap light enabling tasking lighting and recessed downlights.

Light Source

With a combination of red, green, and blue LED lighting, manufacturers can make the white color. Despite the speck-sized LEDs, they can give out a wide range of lights.

Common Types of LED Lighting Products

The following are the commonly used LED lighting technology in industries and households.

Under Cabinet Lighting

These are lights mainly installed underneath kitchen wall cabinets to lighten the place directly below. The LED lighting will also help you read recipes and prepare quality food.

Recessed Downlights

Recessed downlights are intended for directional lighting. Demand for LED lighting has made it possible to light kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and other setups like offices.

Industrial and Commercial Lighting

LED lighting technology is now widespread in industry functions like streetlights, refrigeration lighting, parking lot lighting, and modular lighting.

LED Replacement Bulbs

The affordability and ability to provide instantaneous lighting make LEDs a preferred option if you want to replace incandescent bulbs upto 40,60,75 and 100 Watts.

Also, unlike CFL bulbs which contain traces of harmful mercury, LED lighting is safe to use.

LED Holiday Lights

During the Christmas holidays, you can light up your house using LED Christmas tree lights without consuming a lot of energy.

Another advantage of LED lighting in holiday lights is its ability to remain cool after burning for a long time. Breakages are reduced because they are epoxy lenses that don’t break easily like glass bulbs.

The good news is you can use your holiday lights for many subsequent celebrations and are also easy to install.

Features of LED Lighting

LED lighting reduces the size of power inverters solar panels that make up solar solutions.

Here are the features.

AC LED Lights

Electricom Solutions Ltd has stocked a wide range from PIN and screw bulbs (3W-11W),9W 2ft tube,18W 4ft tube, ceiling mount lights of different shapes,30W-200W AC spotlights,100W-500W Ac floodlights, and 30W-80W AC street lights.

DC Integrated Solar Lights

This category of LED lights includes streetlights, spotlights, floodlights, garden lights, and all portable and outdoor lights.

Power ranges from 5W-100W and can be suspended on wall or pole mounts.

We also provide solar water heating and pumping solutions. Get yours and make a difference.

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