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Nowadays, all serious businesses require a modern-day PABX systems. The acronym PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange.

The role of telephone systems is to connect external and internal to an internal network through a switchboard. PABX is an advanced level of the PMBX because it doesn’t need physical operations in the process.

Here is how our products enhance your customer phone experience.

MATRIX IP PBX Telephony Solutions

Our PABX systems are manufactured by Matrix, a world-class business communication services from multiple telecommunication carriers.

Our PABX systems range from 5 users accommodating small offices to complex solutions that can manage call centers and multinationals.

These PABX solutions we offer include SIP trunks, ISDN, GSMports, VOIP. You can find these solutions in analog and digital connectivity, depending on your preference.

The good thing is, when you purchase our PABX systems, you can combine them with third-party equipment supporting the applied control.

The integration can be done affordably with legacy PABX in the following ways.

Unified Communication (UC)

In a world driven by technology, things change fast concerning your PABX systems needs in the company.

Unified communication is a telephone system that unifies multiple communication systems within a business.

Your business probably uses ways like phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and email into a single platform whose aim is to organize and enhance communications, collaboration, and general productivity.

Hybrid Communications

Communication is the backbone of any business success. Hybrid communication occurs when an on-site worker communicates with a remote worker.

The Matrix hybrid  PABX systems combine IP and analog, which are the best two options for optimum utilization of IT structure providing agility and flexibility to businesses.

Electricom Solutions Ltd offers a wide range of hybrid PABX systems that meet the dynamic needs of small to large businesses.

Multi-Location Communication

If your business is expanding rapidly to different locations, communication in all the locations is the biggest challenge.

We provide PABX systems for multi-location office telephony solutions connecting all branches to a centralized interface.

The connectivity provides one-touch calling access to all users placing calls to colleagues irrespective of their location.

Fixed Media Gateways

These media gateways add to the already existing telephony infrastructure without investing in replacements on existing systems.

The gateway integrates with an existing PABX system via FXO/FXS, BRI, TE1E1PRI, or over IP.

This mechanism is good because it saves your company unnecessary expenditure on new equipment and saves time and effort on reinstalling new equipment and training staff on new modes of operation.

Matrix PABX systems have a diversified range of VOIP and GSM gateways to integrate with modern VOIP, POTS, T1E1PRI, and GSM/3G networks without changing dialing habits.

Universal Media Gateways

We offer Matrix SARVAM UMG, a universal media gateway that provides connectivity of VOIP, GSM/3G, T1/E1PRI, ISDN BRI, and POTS networks on a single platform.

Universal media gateways are an integral part of PABX systems. They are ideal solutions for workplaces with ISP, ITSP, wholesale terms actors, and businesses with high call rates per day.

While shopping for our PABX systems, you can also check out our structured cabling infrastructure that matches your needs.

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