Power Backup Batteries

VRLA AGM Batteries 12V,4.5Ah – 12V,200Ah ( LEOCH BRAND )

Power backup batteries are electrical energy storage devices designed to provide a source of power in the event of a power outage or when a reliable power source is not available. They are commonly used in various applications to ensure uninterrupted power supply for critical equipment, such as computers, datacenters, telecommunications systems, medical equipment, industrial machines and home appliances.

These are Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries with Valve Regulators. Ideal for UPS, Inverters, Telecoms and Datacenters.

GEL Batteries 12V 100Ah – 200Ah


GEL electrolyte is a silica-based and serves as a thickening agent, preventing the acid from flowing freely within the battery. These batteries are sealed, deep cycle, durable, vibration resistant, Maintenance Free, Low Self-Discharge and safe. Applications in UPS, Telecom, Datacenters, Inverters and industrial applications

High-Temperature Batteries 2V,400ah – 2V,3000Ah


High-temperature batteries are designed to operate in environments with elevated temperatures or extreme heat. They are commonly used to power telecommunications equipment in locations with high ambient temperatures, such as desert regions, tropical climates, and installations in close proximity to electronic equipment generating significant heat.

Tubular Batteries OPZS 2V,400ah – 2V,3000Ah


Tubular batteries are a type of lead-acid battery designed with a unique tubular positive plate construction. These batteries are known for their durability, long service life, and deep cycle capabilities. They are commonly used in applications where a reliable and maintenance-free power source is required, particularly in industries such as telecommunications, renewable energy, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and backup power systems.

48V Lithium Battery 48V,10ah – 48V,200Ah


  • Ideal for Telecoms, Datacenters, Backup Inverters
  • High energy density
  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • High reliability of operation.
  • With ultra-long service life.
  • Support gyroscope anti-theft and GPS anti-theft
  • Friendly human-machine interface for easy operation
  • Optimized monitoring strategy through remote control and diagnosis

VRLA AGM and GEL Batteries 12V,4.5ah – 12V,260Ah

(RITAR Brand)

These are AGM and GEL batteries ideal for UPS, Inverters, Telecoms and Datacenters.

Premium Batteries 12V,4.5ah – 12V,200Ah

(CSB Brand)

Premium batteries are designed and built to for high level reliability and durability. Application include UPS, inverters, datacenters and telecoms.

Industrial Batteries 12V,4.5ah – 12V,200Ah

( YUASA Brand)

Industrial batteries are designed and built to meet the specific and demanding power requirements of various industrial applications. They last long when used with industrial UPS, inverters, datacenters, telecoms and for ICT UPS.

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