Are you in search of efficient power solutions? Then you’ve arrived at the right place because Electricom Solutions Ltd focuses on customer satisfaction in innovation that matches the changing times and needs.

We offer end-to-end power and ICT solutions to telecom, banking, military, medical, and other industries. We’ll start with solution design and implementation and keep the installed solutions’ maintenance cycle.

Let’s take a look at these power solutions.

telecom power systems in Kenya

Telecom Power Systems

Our telecom power systems eliminate grid power interruptions, environmental impact and decrease OPEX for the operator.

We import ELTEK DC Power Systems from ELTEK Norway. These rectifiers’ efficiency stands at 95%.

Here are a few power solutions in our portfolio:

  • 48 VDC and 24VDC Rectifier Power Systems
  • 110 VDC and 220 VDC Rectifier Power systems
  • 380 VDC Rectifier Systems

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Our power solutions company deals in automatic voltage stabilizers from Guven-IS from Turkey, Europe.

We offer this power solutions product in different sizes. You can choose from a variety of Single Phase Static & Servo and the Three Phase Static & Servo.

The Three-Phase includes Small and medium-range and industrial range guaranteeing a one-year warranty and two years for a single phase.

AVS voltage stabilizers in Kenya

Uninterruptible Power Supply

We offer the brand AEC with a presence in Taiwan, Europe, and America.

You get to enjoy the UPS benefits to guard against unstable power conditions and guarantee uninterrupted and efficient connectivity during critical usage periods.

You can explore the UPS options and settle on the one you wish to purchase. There’s also an option to lease a UPS long-term if you don’t want to buy.

Data Center Solutions

We offer another power solutions product, the ELTEK Modular Data Centers. We ensure the power solutions are flexible and efficient to cater to AC and DC if IT and power need to be changed.

Data Center Solutions in Kenya
UPS batteries for sale in Kenya

Power Backup Batteries

Our power solutions company offers power backup batteries for UPSs, solar applications, industrial applications, telecom applications, intruder alarm systems, among others.

Below are the brands of power backup batteries we offer:

  • CSB-Japan
  • Northstar -USA
  • Ritar-China Premium
  • Enersys-France
  • SHOTO-China Premium

The choice of batteries depends on the application you are using.

High Voltage Switch Gears-DELTA Systems Italy

Electricom Solutions Ltd provides a wide range of high voltage switch gears that ensure the safety and reliability of power solutions while decreasing the environmental impact. We place considerable focus on eco-efficiency in our products.

Our switch gears include:

  • Medium voltage primary and secondary distribution
  • Low voltage switchgear up to 1000V
  • Power and distribution transformers
  • Compact substation
  • Heavy-duty and high voltage switches
  • Medium voltage service and revamping
high voltage switch gears
solar inverters for sale in Kenya

Solar Inverters and LED Lighting

When you purchase our power solutions, we ensure you get inverters with features that fit your needs.

LED Lighting

We have affordable AC and DC LED lights with different designs specifications. These power solutions cut the cost of power used by 50%.

They also reduce the size of solar panels and batteries for your solar solutions and are durable.


Most installers prefer Jinko solar because of its quality and low pricing. The panels come in the range of 300V-450V.

Solar Water Pumping Solution

You can purchase solar pumps manufactured by GEFRAN from our power solutions company.

We have the ADV200 SP Solar Pump Inverter, whose power ranges from 1.5kW to 160kW.

This power solutions product has a built-in MPPT dynamic search algorithm ensuring the ADV200 SP adapts the system load at maximum output power in different irradiation and temperatures.

solar water pumps for sale in Kenya
industrial automation solutions Kenya

Industrial Automation Solutions

Electricom Solutions Ltd provides automation technology to your industry through the partnership with Delta Electronics.

Delta has automation products that help you with efficiency, speed, power quality improvement, reliability that will enable your company to compete among the best.

Our robotic power solutions also ensure digitization of production.

Energy Audit and Optimization

We have a team of ERC-certified engineers that ensures you get audit services.

  • Evaluation of your power bills
  • Analysis of the power solutions installed
  • Cabling verification

The team will propose recommendations from our findings and all this you can get at a low price compared to other power solutions providers.

energy audit solutions Kenya

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