Energy Audit Solutions in Kenya

Businesses need a constant electricity supply, so you need an action plan to do an energy audit and power audit.

Energy assessments are the initial measures you need to take to eliminate unnecessary billing to ensure you reduce production costs and stay safe in your property.

We conduct an energy audit before and after installing the power solutions.

Why Carry out a Power Audit?

Performing a routine power audit is essential in helping in energy conservation and reducing hazardous carbon footprint.

Here’s why you need to conduct the power audit:

     Pinpoint safety concerns affecting your power systems to ensure your business and home safety

     A power audit identifies the best energy efficiency practices to be discharged

     Understanding where energy is used most and where it goes to waste

     It helps you eliminate the risks of the production of carbon monoxide in your home and business

     Get to exploit available energy-saving opportunities.

How are Audits Conducted?

Electricom Solutions Ltd provides ERC-certified engineers to conduct a power audit. We ensure you get a comprehensive energy audit report afterward.

Let’s take a quick look at the power audit process.

Evaluation of Energy Consumption

Our engineering professionals will tour your property to determine how you use your energy and wastage areas.

We ensure to acquire detailed energy data during the energy audit to make it easy to calculate the energy demand for different areas across your business.

The engineers investigate heating and cooling systems and insulation levels, which aid the power audit in determining areas of improvement in energy saving.

We also do evaluations using remote monitoring solutions.

Site Assessment

The second phase, known as the blower door test, is conducted during a power audit. This test is performed to determine where air leakages cause heat loss in your house.

With the help of smoke pencils, our engineers conduct your power audit by mounting a blower door to act as a fan onto an exterior door to suck the air out of the house to lower the indoor air pressure. It helps stir the outside air to flow inside through leaks and breaks.

Other tests like thermographic inspections are also advisable when conducting an energy audit.

Energy audit solutions in Kenya

Data Analysis

Most focus is on technology and cost analysis when conducting a power audit. The technical analysis involves a simple spreadsheet with input and output parameters recorded.

On the other hand, in an energy audit, cost analysis covers current energy costs, the cost of measures taken to regulate excessive billing, and the prediction of energy-saving plans.

All the outcome of this energy audit exercise is aimed to produce financial and technical ease in your business and household.

Audit Report

Once your premises have been evaluated and tested, our ERC-certified engineer compiles a comprehensive power audit report.

The report provides you with recommendations about energy conservation measures and the areas you can improve.

We are confident that if the measures on the power audit report are implemented effectively, they can massively reduce unnecessary costs.

What Do We Recommend in Our Reports?

After thoroughly scrutinizing your everyday power usage, we often recommend the following measures:

     Changing the lights to LED

     Installation of PF correction and stabilization equipment

     Install a solar grid-tie solution if there’s heavy consumption during the day.

 The above is not an exhaustive list of recommendations. Contact us today to learn more about affordable power and energy audit.


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