telecom power systems in Kenya


With the demand for telecom towers in secluded areas, the market for telecom power systems is growing by the day.

The power systems exist for internet and wireless broadband access fixed-line applications.

Let’s take a look.

What’s the Role of Telecommunication Applications?

We get our telecom power systems from Eltek-Norway, which boasts 40 years of experience in the business.

Here’s what you gain :

  • Telecommunication applications help save energy by controlling fluctuations
  • Reduce your operating expense and environmental carbon footprint.

Systems and Solutions in Our Collection

The Eltek Flatpack 2 Rectifiers are the best for reliability and efficient telecom power systems.

The productivity stands above 95% and cuts losses by 50% compared to other products in the industry.

48VDC Rectifier Power Systems

These telecommunication applications are suitable for telecom and datacenters. See the different types below.

Flatpack S

These telecom power systems are excellent for telecoms, PABX power supply, and others.

Here are the features:

  • 1U,2KW systems with 2 X 1000W HE rectifier modules and Smartpack S controller + DB and 2U
  • 4KW systems with 3 X 1500W HE rectifier modules and Smartpark S controller + DB.

Flatpack 2

Each Flatpack 2 comes with Smartpack touch and controller or Smartpack S. It has the following features.

  • Power ranges from 2 KW to over 1000 KW
  • This system uses 2000W HE or 3000W HE 48VDC rectifier modules.

Hybrid Systems

The combination consists of solar, rectifiers, and batteries. These hybrid systems house solar power beyond 8 X 3200 W solar charger modules.

The telecom power systems configuration depends on your needs and site conditions. The features are as follows.

24 VDC Rectifier Power Systems

These telecom power systems are suitable for telecom and other industry applications. They are powered from 1KW to over 100 KW and can be used in a wide variety of 24VDC marine applications worldwide.

110 and 220 VDC Rectifier Power Systems

These telecommunication applications are the best in grid transmission, SCADA, and industrial applications.

Power ranges from 1KW to over 1000 KW.

380VDC Rectifier Power Systems

Power ranges from 10KW to over 500 KW and is ideal for advanced data centers. When you purchase these telecom power systems, you get a device to integrate a wide range of renewable energy sources to complement the traditional utility products.

  • Includes Flatpack 2 and Flatpack S DC power systems
  • Smart MPPT charger unit monitored and managed by the same controller.


Rectiverters combine the role of rectifiers and inverters and remove the necessity for a static transfer switch.

They accept and give out AC and DC and range from 1KW to over 100KW.

DC Distribution Systems

We offer telecom power systems in a series of 1U,2U,3U up to 32U depending on the application and the switchgear you intend to use.

The power ranges from a few amps to over 1000 amps.

DC-DC Converters

The choice of a converter to use will heavily depend on the telecommunication application you operate.

With a power range of 500W to 10KW, we’ve stocked 48VDC-24VDC-12VDC power converters.

Micropack Wall Box

The micropack wall box is ideal for industrial and telecom applications with a power range of 120- 100KW.

The power supply system is 12V/480W, 24V/960W, or 48V/1000W.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring will help you trail your sites’ energy performance and status. It also makes it easier to flag alarmed areas that need further investigations.

We also offer automatic voltage stabilizers to ensure a secure energy supply to your telecom power systems allowing stable voltage and equipment protection.

Take action to improve your power solutions today!

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