Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Delta UPS- designed and manufactured in Turkey

We offer both Servo and Static voltage stabilizers.

Voltage stabilizers supplied by Electricom Solutions support BACnet and MODBUS protocols for integration with Building Management System (BMS).


Automatic voltage Stabilizers (AVR) are designed to protect your system against electrical brownouts, sags, surges, transients, and other electrical disturbances.  It has a small overall footprint, high-efficiency design, and power quality monitoring. This automatic voltage regulator utilizes solid-state microprocessor based regulation to adjust voltage, with a multi-shield computer grade transformer and filter to remove transients and noise. The combined effect is a regulating and shielded isolation transformer/system, which solves 99% of electrical disturbance problems.

As the use of power increases in our communities, utility companies have less and less control over the quality of power supplied to sensitive electronic equipment. The effects of unreliable power can cause irrecoverable damage to expensive manufacturing equipment, resulting in lost production time and/or products.

Electricom offers delta AVRs. Servo and Static.

Power ranges from 1KVA  -3000KVA.