Data Center Solutions

ELTEK Data Center Solutions

Modular power solutions provide unprecedented power availability. ELTEK power solutions are flexible, compact and reliable, meeting all AC and DC power requirements within IT, telecom, cloud and banking.

Electricom supplies 480VDC, High Voltage DC power, for data centers to reduce the size and number of cables required for a complete installation.  We supply converters as well to step down the 480VDC to 48VDC to feed the service racks.

Converged Power Solutions cater for all power needs in the data center. It combines the advantages of modern, modular power technology while meeting all AC and DC load requirements. It offers unmatched availability, scalability and compactness compared to traditional systems – in a simpler way, and at a lower total cost of ownership. It is designed to power your data centers into the future – and is available today.

Converged Power Solutions (CPS) offer a modular and flexible infrastructure to meet all data center power requirements within IT, telecom, cloud and banking sectors. It provides an unprecedented power availability for telecom, IT and cooling equipment in a very power dense solution.