Energy Audit & Optimization

Get to Learn About The Associated Benefits of This Service

This includes assessment of power bills the customer is paying, analyzing the efficiency of the power systems installed, overall power factor, cabling verification, lighting systems in place then we make recommendation on what the customer needs to do to manage and possibly lower cost of power bills.

Some of the recommendations after analyzing our findings include: installation of Solar grid tie solution if there is heavy consumption during the day, changing the lights to LED, installation of PF correction and Stabilization equipment , among others.

We have ERC certified engineers leading in this process. Our service charges are very competitive compared with existing market rates.

Major benefits of doing an energy audit are:

  • It helps you to lower energy bills.
  • It enables you to increase the comfort of those in the facility.
  • It helps you to increase the life span of the equipment in your facility.
  • It discovers any unaccounted consumption that may exist at the facility.