Industrial Automation

With the integration of drives, controllers, motion sensors, communication devices and software, we cooperate with machine makers in various applications such as food & beverage manufacturing, textiles, cranes and elevators, plastics and rubber, printing and packaging, machine tools, as well as electronics.

Electricom Solutions offers DELTA DRIVES, Variable Frequency Drives VFDs, motion, sensors, control and communication

We use above components to build the below automation solutions.

Process Automation

In process industries, the product results from many chemical processes based on some raw materials. Some of the industries are pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, cement industry, paper industry, etc. Thus the overall process plant is automated to produce the high quality, more productive, high reliable control of the physical process variables.

Factory Automation

The manufacturing industries make the product out of materials using machines/robotics. New trends in manufacturing, systems have been using automation systems at every stage such as material handling, machining, assembling, inspection, and packaging. With the computer-aided control and industrial robotic systems, manufacturing automation becomes very flexible and efficient.

Machine Automation

With progress in automation technology, enterprises are replacing labor-intensive manual operations with mechanical automation control systems in the production process to improve productivity and yield rates.

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