Solar Water Heating

Are you looking for an affordable way to produce hot water for your home? You need not worry because Electricom Solutions Ltd ensure you get solar water heating equipment for your domestic use.

The good news is that you can use these solutions in any weather condition, with sunshine being their primary power source.

Let’s learn more.

How Does Solar Water Heaters Work?

We import our equipment from ERASLAN, a manufacturer specialised in environmentally friendly solar water heating systems based in Turkey.

The main components of solar water heating solutions are the storage water tanks and solar collectors.

Here are the two types of solar water heating systems:

Active Solar Water Heating Systems

These active solar water heating systems consist of collectors, distribution systems, and storage devices.

Here are the two types of solar water heating systems.

  • Direct circulation system: These systems work well in warm weather conditions that don’t change to freezing. They use pumps to flow household water through the collectors then into the home.
  • Indirect circulation systems: These systems function well in weather conditions vulnerable to freezing temperatures. The pumps flow warm water through the collectors and heat exchangers, heating the water into the home.

Passive Solar Water Heating Systems

Passive solar water heating systems are not the best compared to their active counterparts in functionality. The good thing about them is their affordability and efficiency because you can build one with your own hands to enable your daily solar water heating.

Let’s take a look at the two types of passive systems:

  • Integral collector storage passive systems: These solar water pumping systems are ideal for households with an around-the-clock need for hot water and are suitable for non-freezing climate areas. A transparent material covers the storage tank to enable the sun to hit the water directly, flowing through the piping system.
  • Thermosyphon systems: After the water is heated on the roof and circulates through the plumbing system, it enables already hot water to pass through the designated tap.

Which Solar Water Heating Systems Do We Recommend?

The Eraslan solar water heaters perfectly operate even in freezing climates, and they come with an optional electric heater that can be an alternative during unfavorable weather conditions.

We’ve stocked our shelves with Vacuum tube solar water heating systems and flat plate systems whose capacities range from 80L to 320L per system. Your satisfaction overrides everything else, and we are ready to avail of even larger capacity solar water heating if you need them.

Installation and Maintenance of the Heating Systems

Electricom Solutions Ltd has licensed professionals to help you install your solar water heating needs. Installation heavily depends on the following factors:

  • Solar resource
  • Climate
  • Safety issues
  • Building code requirements

After the installation, there’s the inevitable need to service your solar water heating equipment.

Passive systems are easy to repair, but you’ll need regular expert servicing and consultations with our well-tailored manuals for active systems.

With quality insulated storage tanks and solar collectors, you’re now ready to go with your solar water heating. Visit our shop today to get a tour of our industrial automation solutions to provide your business needs regarding information monitoring and management.

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