ADV200 SP solar pump inverter

Manufacturer: GEFRAN

Power Range: from 1.5kW up to 160 kW.

As a result of the built-in MPPT dynamic search algorithm, the ADV200 SP drive continuously adapts the System load at maximum output power under varying irradiation and temperature conditions. The ADV200 SP manages pumping systems powered by different sources: solar PV panels alone (off-grid), or both PV panels and grid supply (dual supply systems). Gefran’s ADV200 SP integrates application-oriented functions in order to control solar pumping system even without a controller.

System configuration

  • Isolated (PV alone)
  • Dual supply (PV or secondary power source)
  • Hybrid (PV and secondary power source)

Special solar pump features

  • MPPT control
  • Auto start/stop
  • Pressure and flow control
  • Tank level control
  • Dry run
  • System protection
  • Monitoring
  • Energy saving
  • minimum speed
  • Pump cleaning
  • AC drive will always pump at any given time even when the power available is less than power rating of the motor.

Solar Panels/ modules and associated structure.

We use Grade 1 Jinko Solar Panels modules (panels), 300W- 450W / panels or Canadian Solar 300W-390W/ panel.

Sizing of the Solutions

This will depend on the existing motor (pump) rating, number of sun hours, and General weather condition of the area.


ERASLAN is specialized and leading in the manufacture of solar water heating systems in Turkey.  Eraslan SWH deliver even in called weather. They have optional electric heater for extreme weather conditions.

We stock Vacuum Tube SWH systems and Flat-plate Systems as well.  Capacities range from 80L to 320L per system. They can be cascaded to deliver more capacity.

Evacuated-tube solar collectors tend to be more efficient.

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