Solar Water Pumping

The number of people lacking water supply worldwide is increasing by the day. That’s why solar water pumping solutions have become popular for its affordability and effectiveness.

People used fuel engine water pumps to siphon groundwater for daily use, which was quite expensive, and parts required regular servicing. They were also not environmentally friendly because of their carbon dioxide emission into the air.

Here’s how our products play an alternative.

ADV 200 Solar Pump Inverters

Electricom Solutions Ltd relies on GEFRAN, one of the leading solar water pumping machine manufacturers, to supply the ADV 200 Solar Pump Inverters.

How Does Solar Water Pumping Work?

Solar water pumping is driven by PV technology, whose role is mainly to convert solar energy to electricity, which pumps water for household and agricultural use.

An ADV 200 SP drive allows PV panels to be connected, converting the PV panel’s electrical energy to mechanical energy then converted to hydraulic energy by the pump.

Through various innovation processes, GEFRAN has managed to develop a unique SW App to better the efficiency of our solar water pumping solutions.

Our ADV 200 SP drive can cope with the solar water pumping system even in maximum output power in varying irradiation and temperature conditions thanks to the in-built MPPT dynamic search algorithm.

For a constant water supply, we ensure the ADV 200 SP is compatible with solar water pumping systems powered by different sources such as solar PV panels alone (off-grid) or both PV panels and grid supply(dual supply systems).

The ADV 200 SP solar pump is built with power ranging from 1.5kW to 160kW. The  mains supply ranges from 300-800 VDC with AC at 3×380 up to 480 VAC and 50/60Hz.

The systems configurations of the ADV 200 SP occur in the following ways:

  • Isolated (PV alone)
  • Dual Supply (PV or secondary power source)
  • Hybrid (PV and secondary power source)

What are Solar Pump Features?

Our ADV 200 SP solar water pumping device comes with these features:

  • MPPT control
  • Auto start/stop
  • Pleasure and flow control
  • Tank level control
  • Dry run
  • System protection
  • Monitoring
  • Energy saving
  • Minimum speed
  • Pump cleaning
  • AC drive keeps pumping even when available power is less than the power required to drive the motor.

Which Solar Panels Do We Recommend?

To get quality solar water pumping solutions, Electricom Solutions Ltd recommends using Grade 1 Jinko Solar panels. 300W-450W panels or Canadian 300W-390W panels.

The sizing of the solution heavily depends on the existing motor pump rating, number of hours of sunshine, and the general weather pattern of the area you intend to get water supply.

Who Uses Solar Pumps?

Home Owners: Solar water pumping helps get a steady water supply in households for drinking and washing, among other chores.

Agriculture: Farmers can use solar water pumping solutions for irrigation and for drinking for livestock.

Water Vendor: Having solar water pumping equipment in rural areas will enable you to sell clean water and earn an income.

Communities: NGOs can support schools, churches, and other organizations to get clean water at any time using these solar pumps.

Now that you can pump water from the ground for usage, we are more than ready to enlighten you about our solar water heating solutions.

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