Telecom Network Solutions

Site survey & Design

With millions of people and businesses relying on the Internet and other telecommunications services, network outages or data breaches are not an option.

At Electricom Solutions Ltd. We endeavour to offer the Telecommunication Network Solutions required to ensure effective signal transmission and effective communication.

We offer;

  • Site survey and design
  • Site clearing
  • Civil works
  • Tower Structure Foundation Construction
  • Tower Installation
  • Tower Painting
  • Site fencing
  • Decommissioning and transport
  • Site Power Equipment Installations i.e. (DG, Batteries, Rectifiers)
  • Electrical works
  • Project management

Our engineers undertake site visits to assess the environment, detect challenges and Advise the Client accordingly on the right solution based on their requirements. 

Telecom BTS Sites Tower Construction

Electricom Solutions Ltd. provides full turnkey

construction of BTS towers including provision

of relevant materials required to build sites,

civil foundation works, tower assembly & painting

and also project management to efficiently deliver

sites on air within required timelines.

Telecom RF equipment Installation and commissioning

Electricom Solutions provides installation and commissioning of RF equipment (2G, 3G, LTE (4G) and 5G).

This involves the technical team working within agreed timelines. The project manager oversees the installation and provides various checks on the network for efficiency and effectiveness.


Telecom network solutions are essential for modern businesses and consumers who rely on the Internet and other telecom services to connect and communicate effectively.

Our dedicated team of engineers is ready to walk you through the entire project from Site Survey to designing, construction, RF Installation and commissioning.

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