ELTEK-NORWAY. A Delta Group Company.

ELTEK DC Power Systems- From 1KW to over 1000KW. 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC and 220VDC.

The most efficient rectifier in the industry, Eltek Flatpack2 Rectifiers combine innovative design, efficiency and reliability. With an efficiency rating over 95%, the losses have been reduced by 50% compared to the current industry standard.

Eltek is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion and Eltek DC Power Systems and Rectifiers perform well in a wide range of applications. Eltek has customers in more than 100 countries across a variety of industries including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation, power distribution and solar energy. Eltek is a power pioneer with over 40 years’ experience helping customers save energy and money while reducing their environmental impact.

ELTEK Systems and Solutions in our portfolio.

a)  48VDC Rectifier Power Systems- Ideal and mostly used in Telecom and Datacenter application.

  1. Flatpack S: -This includes 1U, 2KW systems with 2x 1000W HE rectifier modules+ Smartpack S          Controller+ DB and 2U, 5.4KW Systems with 3x 1500W HE rectifier modules + Smartpack S Controller+ DB. They are ideal for Telecoms, PABX Power Supply among others.
  2. Flatpack 2:- Ranges from 2KW to over 1000KW. It uses 2000W HE or 3000W HE 48Vdc rectifier modules. It is equipped with Smartpack touch controller or Smartpack S.
  3. Hybrid Systems (Solar+ Rectifier+ Batteries) – These include above DC power systems + Smart MPPT charger unit monitored and managed by the same controller.  The Hybrid Systems accommodate solar power beyond 8x 3200W solar charger modules. Solution configuration depends on requirement and site condition.

b) 24Vdc Rectifier Power Systems – From 1KW- Over 100KW. For Telecom and other applications.

c) 110Vdc Rectifier Power Systems- Ideal in Grid Transmission, SCADA, Industrial and other specialized applications. Ranges from 1KW to over 1000KW.

d) 220Vdc Rectifier Power Systems- Ideal in Grid Transmission, SCADA, Industrial and other specialized applications. Ranges from 1KW to over 1000KW.

e) 380VDC Rectifier System- Ideal for modern Datacenters. Power from 10KW to over 500KW systems.

f) Rectiverters- These accept both DC & AC and give out both AC and DC. They range from 1KW- over 100KW.

g) DC Distribution Systems- These are 1U, 2U, 3 U up to 32U depending on application and switchgear used. They range from few amps to over 1000amps.

h) DC-DC Converters- We offer 48Vdc- 24Vdc- 12Vdc power converters. They range from 500W – 10KW. Choice of a converter will depend on application.

i) Micropack wall box- Pole or Wall mount. 12V, 480W, 24VDC 960W and 480VDC 1000W.

j) Remote monitoring Solution- Monitor energy and performance on multiple sites, Statistics on energy produced, Instant status overview, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Alarms, Detect underperforming sites, Email reports.

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