Uninterrupted Power Supply

Smart On-line & Line Interactive UPS.

The uninterruptible power supply is a piece of electrical equipment that ensures the dispensation of emergency power when the primary source fails.

To keep your industry working during power outages that stretch to over four hours, you’ll need an interruptible power supply to keep critical equipment running as required.

What are the Functions of UPS?

Electricom Solutions Limited imports uninterruptible power supply equipment from Allis Electric Co Ltd to ensure UPS functions.

  • Provides clean and uninterruptible energy
  • UPS gives ride-through power to make up for short time outages
  • UPS ensures a smooth system shutdown during a total power outage.

Different UPS Topologies

It would be best to consider the needs of your environment and the uninterruptible power supply equipment you plan to reinforce.

Here are factors to consider when choosing the proper UPS:

  • Your business environment
  • The budget you intend to spend on a UPS
  • The degree of sensitivity of the equipment your UPS needs to back up.

Line Interactive UPS

Uninterruptible power supply line-interactive are excellent for private use and small businesses and companies.

You can use this UPS to power computers and peripherals at home and office. The UPS embraces digital online technology that actuates the load using a network controlled and filtered by an internal automatic voltage regulator.

This single-phase UPS can contain a wide range of power from 600VA-2000VA.

Online Monoblock UPS

UPS, STAR T31 is a single-phase uninterruptible power supply whose power ranges from 1kVA-3kVA.

Another UPS, STAR T31, ranges from 6kVA-20kVA and can parallel up to 4 units. The UPS, STAR T41 three-phase in/ one phase-out has the power of 10kVA-40kVA and parallels up to three energy units with a digital touch screen.

The STAR T61 is an online three-phase in/three-phase out UPS with a power range of 60kVA-500kVA and can parallel up to 1500kVA capacity with a digital touch screen.

Online Rack Mount UPS

This Rack tower uninterruptible power supply with ECO function belongs to our collection of online double-conversion UPS with power stretching from 1kVA to 10kVA.

To provide backup for the required longer time, we ensure you get UPS models with internal batteries that come with external battery cabinets.

The UPS comes with a touchscreen LCD digital display that’s easy to set.

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