UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY (UPS). - Smart On-line & Line Interactive UPS.

BRAND- AEC by Allis Electric Company with presence in Taiwan, Europe and America.

Phase: Single Phase, Three Phase

Offers full protection against Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Unbalanced Loads, black outs, power surges, power impurities, harmonics,

Applications include Datacenters, Telecoms, ICT, computers & Servers, Medical equipment, Military, Industrial among other applications.

Warranty; 2years for 1 Phase, 1 year on 3phase.

Buy to own and Long-term Lease options are available.

Other benefits: Customer training (Local & Abroad), Guaranteed Local Support, Spares locally Stocked, Customer Aided Design, Dedicated Contact Person, Personalized Services, Installation Services offered on request, Quarterly/ Semiannual/ Annual maintenance offered on request among other benefits.

UPS Topologies.

a)Line Interactive with internal Automatic Voltage Regulator.- Request for Datasheet.

  • Standalone ST1V: 600 VA, 800 VA, 1000 VA, 1500 VA, 2000 VA.
  • Rack-Mount, ST2V: 800VA, 1100VA, 1500VA, 2000VA, 2500VA, 3000VA, 5000VA. With Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilization


b) Online Rack-Mount: – Request for Datasheet.

  • STR3I: 1ph in/ 1ph out UPS 1k-10kVA: 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 6kVA, 10kVA. PF=0.9 (1-3KVA) and 1 (6-10KVA). Parallel up to 4 units.
  • STR6I: 3ph in/ 3ph out and 3ph in/ 1ph out UPS 25KVA. PF =1. KVA=KW. Touch Screen with graphic display. Can Parallel up to 4units.

c) On-Line- Monoblock- Request for Datasheet.

STAR T3I: 1ph in/ 1ph out UPS 1kVA ~ 3kVA: 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA. Pure Sine wave, PF =1. KVA=KW

STAR T3I: 1ph in/ 1ph out UPS 6kVA ~ 20kVA: 6kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA.  Pure Sine wave. PF= 1 (6& 10KVA), 0.9 (15&20KVA). Can Parallel up to 4units.  PF =1. KVA=KW

STAR T4I: 3ph in/1ph out UPS 10kVA ~ 40kVA: 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 40kVA. Pure Sine wave. PF =1. KVA=KW. Can Parallel up to 3units. With Smart touch screen.

IST7: On-Line 3ph in/ 3ph UPS 10kVA ~ 40kVA: 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 30kVA, 40kVA. Can Parallel up to 8units. PF =1. KVA=KW. With Smart touch screen.

STAR T6I : On-Line 3ph in/ 3ph out UPS 60kVA ~ 500kVA: 60kVA,  100kVA, 200kVA, 300kVA, 400kVA, 500kVA. PF =1. KVA=KW.  Can Parallel up to 1500KVA Capacity. With Smart touch screen.

d) Industrial UPS. Transformer Based. This is ideal for backing up motors and industrial machines- Request for Datasheet.

  • ST5100 Series: Online 3ph in/ 3ph UPS 10KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 40KVA, 60KVA, 80KVA, 100KVA, 120KVA, 160KVA, 200KVA, 250KVA, 300KVA, 400KVA, 500KVA, 600 KVA. IGBT Inverter. Isolation Transformer. HMI-touch screen display. PF =1. KVA=KW.


e) Modular UPS Series. Online 3ph in/ 3ph out UPS. – Request for Datasheet.

  • 60Kva, 120kVA, 200kVA. Power Module- 20KVA.  PF =1. KVA=KW
  • 180kVA, 300kVA, 600kVA. Power Module- 30KVA.  PF =1. KVA=KW
  • 100kVA, 200kVA, 300kVA, 500kVA. Power Module 50KVA.  PF =1. KVA=KW



  • 4”touchcolor LCD with graphic display and independent LCD for each power module
  • Paralleling up to 1500KVA Capacity,
  • Optional output Isolation Transformer for Industrial applications,
  • Smart sleep function that intelligently shutdown some power modules to increase total load rate, achieving higher efficiency
  • Independent charger for each module and the whole charging process be controlled intelligently
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